The Scholars of the Sundered Tower are a group of combat engineers who were driven from their ancestral home. Tinkerers and scientists, they design weapons from trebuchets and cannons, to the dreaded man bat serum and small gadgets. Why meet your enemy on a battlefield when you can hit him with a rock from several miles away while sipping a glass of fine scotch? On or off the field, the Scholars take nothing seriously, and hold nothing sacred. Whether chanting a Scholar song (mostly adapted commercial jingles) or throwing the feared Scholar shot, they can always be found looking for the next fight.

Unit Founded: 2011

Founding Members:
Gurney, Sieg, Tristan, Ahseila


Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot. None prove this proverb more true than the House of Murciélago. The House of Murciélago was created to combat evil on a global level. Placing agents all over the continent, Murciéago uses theatrics, symbols, high-end weapons and tactics to gain power as a force for justice.

These mysterious vigilantes engage in serious fighting on the field and less than serious shenanigans off the field. They are Vengeance. They are Legion. They are the Knight.

Unit Founded: 2013

Founding Members: 
Mr. Dark, The Grim Gentleman
Kobe, The Black Mamba