Batsis (aka Isis Diosa)
The Damsel of Distress

Primary Weapon Combo: Blue & Board

Secondary Weapon Combo: Florentine (Dual-Wielding)

Favorite Annual Dagorhir Event: Ragnarok


Eryndor Rank: Fighter


Dagorhir Player Since: 2007







Awards & Achievements:

  • Winner of the 3-Man Tournament, Eclipse, 2014
  • Winner of the Valkyrie Tournament, Eryndor’s Harmonic Convergence, 2014
  • Winner of the Valkyrie Tournament, Ragnarok 28, 2013
  • Winner of the Assassin’s Tournament, Olympics IV, 2008

Why Dagorhir?

I joined Dagorhir because there was a group at Oakland University where I went to college and it looked fun. I started doing fencing first, but Dag was a much better fit for me. I enjoy hitting people with foam weapons, and there are a lot of awesome people who play this game.

Why the Dark Republic?

The DR value fighting above all else. I’ve been in the game a while, and I wanted to join a unit that would help me progress as a fighter. In addition, the people in the unit are awesome.

Dag Goals:

  1. Win Blue & Board Tournament
  2. Earn Hunter of Eryndor Rank
  3. Become an effective Red user

About Batsis:

Batsis is a Druid turned gypixie turned vigilante. With a thirst for adventure, this strong-willed woman can effortlessly adapt to her surroundings. She fights for justice in the realm.