Gurney Alder
The Light Bringer, Lord Commander of the Scholars

Primary Weapon Combo: King Maker

Secondary Weapon Combo: Single Blue

Favorite Annual Dagorhir Event: Any Campout


Eryndor Rank: Fighter


Dagorhir Player Since: 2010







Awards & Achievements:

  • 3-Man Tourney, 2013
  • President of Eryndor
  • Co-Founder/Leader of the Scholars
  • Co-Founder of the Dark Republic

Why Dagorhir?

A friend of mine told me about the game, and we decided to try it out along with another friend. We absolutely loved it, and I could never get enough. It lets me outlet all of my stress in a constructive way, as well as pushing me to improve on and off the field. The feeling of calm and focus that I get while fighting is unlike anything else.

Why the Dark Republic?

I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be really. I’m surrounded by my friends and people who will push me to be the best I can be. Plus, we have tons of fun on and off the field. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I’m very proud to see the Scholars be part of something so great.

Dag Goals:

  1. Achieve hunter rank.
  2. Maintain President status.
  3. Be the best fighter I can be.
  4. Grow the game in a positive way.
  5. Push Eryndor to be the best.

About Gurney:

Gurney was a minor noble studying the properties of the black ooze that had created the black orcs, when a misshap caused him to injure his knee. Dragging himself back to his tower, he arrived to see it being attacked by the very creatures he was studying. With some quick thinking and help from friends, they escaped with the clothes on their backs, a few refugees and a few designs. Vowing to never forget, Gurney and the survivors formed the Scholars and began to rebuild. As time goes on, Gurney has become powerful, leading a small army with an array of siege weapons. His goal? World domination. Peace through power.