Kem Ical

Primary Weapon Combo: Two Stick

Secondary Weapon Combo: Sword & Board

Favorite Annual Dagorhir Event: Ragnarok


Eryndor Rank: Hunter


Dagorhir Player Since: 2002







Awards & Achievements:

  • Most Recent Tournament Win – Single Blue, Oktoberfest, 2015
  • Sword & Board Master, Eryndor
  • Single Blue Master, Eryndor
  • Berserk Master, Eryndor

Why Dagorhir?

I feel it was destiny, at the risk of sounding corny. I was always wild and rambunctious, but when I found the game, I found myself.

Why the Dark Republic?

I refused to join a group for awhile, Gurney’s persistent logical reasoning changed that for the best; I fit well here.

Dag Goals:

  1. Hero Rank
  2. All Masteries
  3. Have at least three of every weapon. Full armory.

About Kem:

Kem and his twin brother Darem are orphans from the dangerous town of Pathlock. When his brother died, he swore to learn how to fight and destroy evil wherever present.