Nuri Izolat
The Forged Crusade

Primary Weapon Combo: Sword and Board

Secondary Weapon Combo: Bow and Arrow

Favorite Annual Dagorhir Event: Ragnarok


Eryndor Rank: Fighter


Dagorhir Player Since: 2013







Awards & Achievements:

  • Eryndor Magistrate
  • Assassin’s Tourney Winner, Maelstrom 2014

Why Dagorhir?

I remember the first time I saw someone playing Dagorhir. It was my freshman year in high school, and I was going down to UT for the regional science fair. My mom was driving past the clock tower, and I saw a large group of people dressed in medieval clothes swinging weapons at each other. I remember looking over to my mom and saying “I’m going to play that one day.” And well, here I am!

Why the Dark Republic?

I came into this sport for the sole purpose of becoming a great fighter, and when I was found by the Bats, I immediately fell in sync with the group. Getting to merge with one of the top tier units in the realm is even better because it’s filled with even more friends. I started wanting to learn a sport and I gained a family – there isn’t anything else I could ask for.

Dag Goals:

  1. Achieve hunter rank
  2. Become Eryndor President
  3. Squire under a Knight
  4. Pass my Knight’s Trial
  5. Make Eryndor big again

About Nuri:

Feeling himself surrounded by death and flames, he wakes up from the same nightmare every night, his mind reminding him of his past future life. The accident that brought him here lingers on his mind continuously as he struggles to get a grasp on reality. At the moment, his purpose is to fight for what he thinks is the right thing. Some may think he is a bad person, some call him a vigilante, but he is just a spirit reborn for a reason he knows not. Hopefully someday, the answer will be enlightened, and he can move on to greater things, but for now, there are more important matters to attend to.

Current status: Deceased