Primary Weapon Combo: Two Stick

Secondary Weapon Combo: Any weapon

Why Dagorhir?

I have been a sword fighter my whole life. When I found a Dag group in early 2001, I was sold.

Why the Dark Republic?

I have been fighting in Eryndor for quite some time. It was time for the betterment of myself as well as the realm and I believe DR will do just that.

Dag Goals:

  1. Fight everyone at least once, because you don’t truly know someone until you fight them
  2. Achieve Hero rank in Eryndor
  3. Obtain a full armory
  4. Assist in leading DR as well as Eryndor as a unified whole to the mountain top

About Sin:

Starting out as a sword for hire in the Midwest and Western realms, Sin eventually was tasked with wiping out an oncoming army of undead – the battle lasting years, taking everything from him. Sin finally made it to the wraith king himself – only to find out that he was the wraith king. No one knows which one come from the dead lands after – only that he was known as the lord of the wraith from that point on.